What We Do

Does your commute need a tune up? Try carpooling, taking public transportation, leveraging an employer shuttle (if available), or biking to work, even if it’s just one day a week! At the Neponset Valley TMA, we are dedicated to making your commute work better for you and your employees. Here's how:


By choosing to carpool, you can save big on gas, car maintenance, and time while also helping out the environment and reducing the number of cars crowding the roads.


Our corporate shuttles provide commuters with transportation to their final destinations from public transit hubs. Check with you employer for availability. 


Carpooling, vanpooling, biking, walking, and public transit commuters are eligible for ERH registration. This program insures you’ll never be left stranded in an emergency. See program guidelines for more information.


We can help you find a safe route to get to/from work. We partner with a network of organizations devoted to making active commuting possible.


A vanpool is a group of five to fourteen people with a similar origin, destination, and schedule, who share the costs of commuting and ride in a vehicle with seven or more seats.


The NVTMA organizes and staffs on-site events to promote commuter programs, provide bike-commuter safety trainings, and encourage commuter networking among your employees.


An effective way for employers to promote the use of public transportation is to offer transit passes for sale at the worksite. The Neponset Valley TMA can help set-up your program.


The Neponset Valley TMA is managed by TransAction Associates in Woburn, MA. 

Ridematching Database & Online Commuter Tools

As a member of the Neponset Valley TMA you'll gain access to powerful online commuter resources like:
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Bay State Commute

State-wide Ridematching Database

Get rewards when you record your walk, bike, telecommute, carpool, vanpool, or transit trips on Bay State Commute.

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Web-Based Commuter Tool

Empowers you to find a “greener” way to commute with cost calculators, trip calendars, route planning, regional ridematching, and more.

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Green Commuters: Never get Stranded

Our Emergency Ride Home Program (ERH) gives you the peace of mind to commute sustainably. ERH guarantees you transportation home, to the doctor, daycare, or any other qualified destination via Lyft™, taxi or rental car if an emergency arises when you commuted to work by carpool, vanpool, transit, biking, or walking. Register today to ensure eligibility!

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Amazing Additional Benefits

Commuter Surveys

We can create and implement surveys to determine the effectiveness of a commuter benefits program or a shuttle.

Get the Full Picture

Our mapping visualization capabilities include creating visual maps of commuter origin data to illustrate proposed transportation solutions.

Parking Solutions

We help you identify off-site parking locations for use when there isn’t enough parking on-site or during a construction project.

Massachusetts Rideshare Regulations

For large employers (250 employees or more) participating in Neponset Valley TMA will help you to meet the requirements of the Massachusetts Rideshare Regulation.

Transportation Advocate

Advocating for improved transportation services in the region

Transportation News Resource

Providing information updates on construction projects and updates on regional transportation initiatives.