What is a TMA?

A Transportation Management Association (TMA) is a partnership between businesses, municipalities, residential communities, property developers, and stakeholders. Participants join together to reduce traffic congestion, air pollution, and improve transportation mobility options in a region. 

The NVTMA provides solutions and incentive programs to commuters in the Neponset Valley region who are committed to sharing their commute (via ridesharing, biking, walking or taking public transportation to/from work).

About Us

The Neponset Valley TMA’s mission is to educate commuters on sustainable transportation options that ultimately reduce congestion and improve the environment. We provide the leadership by combining the resources of the public and private sectors to maximize mobility within and access to the communities of Canton, Dedham, Foxborough, Norwood, and Westwood.

Why join the NVTMA?

Enhanced mobility choices make your business attractive to employees and to customers.  NVTMA members are part of a collaborative process that provides a wide variety of sustainable transportation options. This allows people to have choices about how they get to work and where they choose to live.  The TMA’s programs enhance the neighborhood where your business is located, making it a more desirable place to live and work. The Neponset Valley TMA makes good business sense for your company.

How does the NVTMA benefit me as an employee/resident of a member company?

The Neponset Valley TMA’s goal is to make your daily travel as easy, cost effective and enjoyable as possible.  Through our programs and services, we aim to take the work out of getting where you need to go.  From finding you a shared ride partner, to helping subsidize transit, trip planning, measuring the impact of your carbon footprint, finding the safest bike routes, or providing an emergency transportation service, the NVTMA makes choosing a green commute option easy.