About the Neponset Valley Transportation Management Association

The Neponset Valley Transportation Management Association (TMA) was formed in 1995 to help employees travel from the Quincy Adams MBTA stop to Dan Road in Canton via the Railink Shuttle. Out of this grew a partnership between the businesses in Norwood, Westwood, Canton, Dedham and the towns themselves to work on the transportation issues in the area. The TMA includes both dues-paying and non-dues-paying members. The dues-paying businesses make up the general member population that benefit from the TMA services; while representatives from each of the four towns and the Neponset Valley Chamber of Commerce make up the group of non-dues-paying special members who participate on the TMA Board of Directors.

The main goal of the Neponset Valley TMA is to reduce the number of cars on the road to alleviate traffic congestion and improve air quality. The TMA works closely with its members to achieve these goals by creating a community-consciousness regarding traffic, transportation and related matters. In addition, the TMA represents the transportation needs of its members at both a local and state level. They work with the local communities in the transportation planning process and act as a voice for the businesses on transportation-related issues at public forums.

To give more choices to commuters, the TMA offers the following programs to its members:

  • On-line ridematching to form carpools and vanpools: With our web-based ridematching database, employees who want to rideshare can find the most logical matches using a variety of criteria. Our regional database increases the possibility that of finding highly qualified matches to form carpools and vanpools.
  • Emergency Ride Home program: Often referred to as the “ridesharer’s insurance policy,” this program ensures that no one who uses an alternative to driving alone to work will be left stranded in the event that they have an emergency during the day. These rides are provided by taxi or rental car and at no cost to the employee.
  • RaiLink Shuttles: One shuttle service connects employees between Royall Street in Canton to the Route 128 Commuter Rail Station, Ashmont Station and the Quincy Center Red Line Station.
  • Promotional events: The TMA can organize on-site events to promote its programs to your employees.

Mission Statement

The Neponset Valley TMA’s mission is to be an action-oriented organization that provides the leadership in combining the resources of the public and private sectors to maximize mobility within and access to the communities of Canton, Dedham, Foxborough, Norwood, and Westwood. The TMA is intended to provide critical transportation services needed to enhance the area’s economic vitality while minimizing the impact of development, maintaining access to the area, and making efficient use of nearby public transportation services.

The Neponset Valley TMA is managed by TransAction Associates, Inc.
TransAction Associates, Inc.

Mailing Address: Neponset Valley TMA c/o TransAction Associates | 5 Wheeling Ave., Unit B | Woburn, MA 01801

Phone: (781) 404-5023  |  Fax: (781) 895-1122

Email: director@neponsetvalleytma.org

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